MyfolTM Tablet

Gyne Care Myfol® TabletGyne Care Myfol® Tablet


Each film coated tablet contains: L-Methylfolate …………… 400mcg


MYFOL contains folate in the form of L-methylfolate which is the biologically active folate isomer. L-methylfolate is the body's preferred form of folate because it is directly usable by the human organism for certain metabolic processes. There are well documented studies which have established folic acid's ineffectiveness regarding inherited disorders of folate transport and metabolism. These disorders limit and impair the capacity to ingest, digest, absorb or metabolize folic acid. Folic acid, the synthetic form of folate, must be metabolized in a four step process by the body to become the biologically active L-methylfolate.


MYFOL tablets are for the specific dietary management of impaired metabolic processes in those women with distinct nutritional requirements for any of the following conditions:

Hyperhomocysteinemia during pregnancy,
High risk recurrent pregnancy loss,
Impaired folic acid absorption and impaired metabolism.


The use of supplemental folic acid may be indicated in patients with increased requirements for this vitamin.Folic acid administration may reduce the risk of neural tube defects in the developing fetus.

Administration AND DOSAGE

1 or 2 tablet(s) daily or as directed by a physician.


Known hypersensitivity to any of the components in the product is a contraindication.


MYFOL is available in a pack of 30 tablets.